New Development Proposal

Here is the 2018 new proposal. I highly recommend that you review it and share your comments asap with Councillor Cloutier at


Playfair Towers -Proposed 9-Storey Apartment Building

Greatwise Developments Ltd. is proposing to add a 9-storey apartment building to the Playfair Towers property.

The new building will be constructed on top of the exiting 3-level parking structure that is located between the two existing buildings at 1701 Kilborn Avenue and 1695 Playfair Drive. The proposal, which complies with current zoning requirements, includes 120 units and 93 parking spaces. The new parking spaces will be screened and landscaped. Access to the new building and parking will be from Kilborn Avenue.

Playfair Residences -Aerial Photo
Playfair Residences -Perspective Views
Playfair Residences -Proposed Phase 1
Playfair Residences -Proposed Phase 2

Should you have any questions regarding this application, please do not hesitate to contact me at 613-580-2488 or by email at

Thank you for your continued interest in this project.


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The application

Here is the application provided to NRP by Councillor Hume.  This particular application sent to the Committee of Adjustments may be routine and not be something to be concerned with, but we are still double double checking.

Councillor Hume wrote to NRP on June 1st and provided some clarity:”… the entire site is still governed by the agreed site plan and the zoning on the site remains. In order to proceed with the development, in accordance with the zoning and the site plan, the property needs to be severed and the only way to do that is by request to the Committee of Adjustment for consent to subdivide. They are not proposing to vary any of the conditions that are contained in the site plan or in any way varying the zoning by-law.

Regardless of the number of parcels the global site plan agreement and the zoning by-law are the overriding documents – they must conform to the bylaw and the agreement.

In reading the notice they are not requesting any changes to the zoning or site plan. … in Ottawa the Committee of Adjustment has the following powers:

  • hear Applications for “Minor Variances” – where a requirement of a Zoning By-law cannot be met (under Section 45 of the Planning Act)
  • hear Applications for Consent to “Sever” a property or for any agreement, mortgage or lease that extends for more than 21 years (under Section 53 of the Planning Act)
  • consider Applications for Permission, which deal with the enlargement or extension of a building or structure that is legally non-conforming, or for a change in non-conforming use
  • review Applications for Validation of Title and Power of Sale.”

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Notice from City of Ottawa

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Notice of public hearing – Wednesday, June 16, 2010 @ 1 pm

A notice was put up on Playfair Drive announcing that a public hearing would be held on Wednesday, June 16, 2010 @ 1 pm at Ben Franklin Place.  As NoRezone has yet to receive a copy of the written notice, we will do our very best to get it and post it asap.

The full text reads as follows:

Committee of Adjustment – Notice of Public Hearing

File Nos. D08-01-10/B-00189 to D08-01-10/B-00191

To consider Applications for Consent to subdivide the property into three separate parcels of land in order to further develop the property

Re: 1695 Playfair Drive & 1701, (1683) Kilborn Avenue

will be heard on Wednesday, June 16, 2010, starting at 1:00 p.m., Ben Franklin Place, The Chamber, Main Floor, 101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa

Additional information is available by calling 580-2436 or by visiting the Office of the Committee, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday at 101 Centrepointe Drive, Ottawa, ON K2G 5K7.

To obtain a copy of the written notice, please submit your request in writing.

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All quiet

There is no new information to provide to the community, but I thought it was about time for a quick post. I have received numerous inquiries on the status of the redevelopment and my answer is always the same: wait and see. As this is a long process, please be patient and I will keep you posted when something (anything!) is brought to my attention. On that note, if you are aware of any new information, please feel free to share it with me in order for it to be posted to the masses.

Thanks and have a nice summer!

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Status quo

Hi all.  Long time between posts, but that is because there is very little that NRP has been involved in with the current proposal over the last few months.

Since the most recent draft proposal was presented by the developer to the City of Ottawa, comments from all neighbourhood groups have been submitted and we wait, we wait, we wait to hear the next step in the process.

When we know, you’ll know.

Hang in there!

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Productive meeting

Yesterday, NRP attended a meeting hosted by Councillor Peter Hume.  In attendance were representatives from the other 3 neighbourhood groups: Rosewood Estates, Protect Vista on the Park and CCC500, as well as John Smit of the City of Ottawa.  Ted Fobert of Fotenn Planning & Urban Design was present to provide an independent urban planner perspective.

The meeting was arranaged to review the most recent proposal (here and here) by the developer that was prepared in consultation with the City of Ottawa, Councillor Hume’s office and an independent urban planner brought in by the City of Ottawa.  The meeting’s goal was to provide an opportunity for comments that the City of Ottawa and Councillor Hume could then use as possible conditions for the developer to agree to in order to receive approval.

Significant changes to the previous proposals from the developer include:

1. The removal altogether of Building E on Playfair Drive.  Building D (off of Playfair and parallel to 1701 Kilborn Avenue) is to be a graduated 5 storey building with 36 units. 

2. The attempt to provide greenspace behind 1695 Playfair Drive with the removal of above ground parking.  The proposal seems to present a hybrid parking system with most of it below the surface, but with some kind of a roof that will allow greenspace and garden plots above.  This design remains a bit confusing to all without 3D photos.

3. The existing towers (1695 Playfair and 1701 Kilborn) will be retrofitted in a manner more consistent with providing a more open space.

4. Traffic – The underground parking setup will divide the volume of traffic appropriately between Playfair and Kilborn.

Based on comments at the meeting, issues that still need to be resolved include:

1. Future Development – In the new proposal, the developer has left the words “Future Building Site” where proposed Building E used to be.  There was unanimous unease with the idea that the developer may conduct future development on this site and/or the site behind 1695 Playfair Drive at a later stage.

2. Building C –  Though the developer is legally entitled to build a 45 metre (14 storey) building, there remain concerns about the look-feel of the proposed building (sculpting, terraces) and the privacy issues to the West facing side (looking onto Rosewood Estates).

3. Garbage / Moving – The issue of where the loading zones will be placed for moving trucks, the garbage and the recycling for Buildings A, B, C and D remains unclear.

4. Parking off of Playfair Drive – CCC500/Protect Vista on the Park have confirmed that there is a legal issue that they will need to raise independently with the developer with respect to the above ground parking areas that are in place off of the Playfair Drive entrance.

5. Alternate vehicle access to CCC500 from Playfair Drive.

6. Timing of improvements – could priority be given to retrofitting Buildings A and B before the construction of Buildings C and D?

7. Proper landscaping.

8. Blending of the project to the neighbourhood and to the existing Buildings A and B.

Any additional comments are to be provided to Councillor Hume’s office by Friday, August 14th.  If you have any comments, please pass them on to NRP via the website or at in order for us to bundle the community’s comments together in one tidy package.

A big thank you to Councillor Hume and his staff (Anne Ménard and Susan Scott) for putting together the meeting!

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